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¡El viernes 2 de junio la liamos en la SALA TOMAN MUSIC de Reus! Blaze Out, Human Ashtray, HYBAN DRACO y SICKROOM por sólo 5 euros. ¡A las 21:00 te...

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¡El viernes 2 de junio llega el BLOOD FIRE FEST II a Reus de la mano de Blood Fire Death!

¡Vuelve el Blood Fire Fest, y esta vez será en la pequeña de la SALA TOMAN MUSIC de Reus!

En un cartel ecléctico dentro del metal, Blaze Out volverán a la ciudad para seguir dando caña con Backlash, mientras que los death metaleros Human Ashtray y SICKROOM presentarán sus nuevas obras, Exile y The Dualism respectivamente. Por su parte, HYBAN DRACO harán lo propio con su flamante disco Storms Of Desolation.

El viernes 2 de junio, por sólo 5 euros y a partir de las 21:00 de la noche, ven a la sala Toman para darte un atracón de metal con Blaze Out, Human Ashtray, Hyban Draco y Sickroom. ¡No te puedes perder el Blood Fire Fest II en Reus!

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  • Frozen Whispers

    First album released in 2010

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  • Dead are not Silent

    Dead are not Silent released on 2011

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  • Where all Illusions Die

    Where all illusions Die released on 2013

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Hyban Draco was founded in 2006 by Hyban Sparda with the objective of recording his own songs. He worked alone waiting for meet good band mates and during its time he recorded some unofficial products.
The first formation was Hyban Sparda (Vocals and guitars), Cristhobal (Guitars) and Oby Mictian (Bass). They were using programming drums during a long time but they found Vincent, a good drummer.

With its formation in 2007 they edited the demos “A Prophecy of Insane” and “Infernal Glory” which were distributed in Europe. Thanks to that demos Hyban Draco obtained his first label contract to record their debut CD.
“Frozen Whispers” was the name of the CD witch was a compilation of the songs that Hyban Sparda did unofficialy in the beginning of Hyban Draco. New band-mates appeared. Mike (drums) and Logan (bass) started in the band although the bass of Frozen whispers was recorded by Oby Mictian. During its time Hyban Sparda and Logan won a band competition with Noctisdark, another band where they play.

This CD and this victory It can be called the culmination of Hyban Draco non professional era. In 2011 Hyban Draco did a new entirely album: “Dead are not silent” and the band received good critics and obtained his first European tour

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